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Kapha predominates in late winter & early spring & also from birth to the age of 18.

You may notice a change in your skin or mood due to the seasonal change & you may find kapha's light stimulating ingredients more appropriate during this seasonal change especially if you have kapha in your constitution & or are under the age of 21.

Aggravation includes, acne, milia, blackheads, scarring & breakouts especially around the checks & under the chin.

A person with a predominance of Kapha has a predominance of the elements 'earth & water' in their constitution. Qualities that constitute what Ayurveda calls Kapha are:

  • oily
  • soft
  • dense
  • static
  • heavy
  • slimy
  • cold

In excess these attributes imbalance Kapha, while their opposites reduce the chance of Kapha types becoming stagnant & stuck in a rut.

To see the Kapha constitution or Kapha imbalance it helps us to relate to these qualities & how they manifest in both people & the environment.

Kapha is associated with the body's ability to be grounded, ‘hold', ‘store' or ‘accumulate'- to get a feeling for what Kapha does in the body we need only imagine the stability & staying power of a mountain.

Together earth & water combine to create endurance, stability, fluidity, softness, warmth & protection.

In balance Kapha types are the archetype of the ‘mother protector' who consistently nourishes her children selflessly with seemingly endless reserves of joy & love. Or the 'father provider', who works with seemingly boundless reserves of energy, building & accumulating wealth & stability for his family.

Once imbalanced, Kapha's stable and earthy qualities resemble mud or murky water & Kapha's enduring power becomes stuck & heavy. Depression can set in if they don't act quickly to release their emotions or change their lifestyle choices or eating habits.

Of all three doshas Kapha is the most prone to attachment, greed & or possessiveness - struggling to let go.

Kapha is most often associated with bodies' production of mucus; the right amount is the perfect lubricant to keep things flowing, but too much as we know, creates congestion.

Kapha's primary residence is in the chest, accumulating in the sinuses, head, nose, lungs, joints, mouth, stomach, lymph & plasma. 

Imbalanced Kapha manifests as water retention or edema, headaches, colds, sinus, congestion, lethargy, excessive weight gain or depression(often masking unexpressed emotions such as anger or sadness).

Of all 3 dosha's Kapha can sustain extended periods of work, exercise & fasting.

Yours is the constitution that was revered by the ancient rishi's or seers.

However of all 3 types you are the one who can least afford extended periods reclining on the couch pretending to be a potato! This is your greatest undoing, as getting back up off the couch can be harder for you than running a marathon.. ( too much Kapha creates 'stuck in a rut' type of energy).

Kapha is at its peak daily between the hours of 6am - 10am &  6pm - 10 pm.

Balance Kapha by:

  • Exercising with abandon ( you can't overdo it)
  • Avoiding fried foods & keep oil consumption to a minimum (a low fat diet is your greatest friend). Mustard oil or ghee are your best choices.
  • Becoming aware of your tendency to want to hold onto things & people and see how this can also manifest as weight gain & an inability to let go.
  • Stepping back from the ice cream fridge, the icy drink fridge & when ordering drinks/ water  ask for" no ice please", it puts your agni or digestive fire out.
  • Including lots of wonderfully warming spices & pungent, bitter & astringent tastes with each meal (unlike Pitta you can have lots of garlic!)
  •  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables they are the key to your health, but make sure you cook and serve them hot, light & or spicy (especially in winter).
  • Avoiding languishing at the cake shop
  • Avoiding dairy, which is totally 100% Kapha producing.
  • Adding complex carbohydrates  to your diet which will keep you going without weighing you down - toasted muesli, soba noodles, quinoa, rye, millet & corn - light, drying and astringent grains are important
  • Knowing that it's important for you to use stimulating and invigorating beauty rituals like the rasasara tulsi, cinnamon & lemon Salt Body Exfoliant or try our ginger cardamom & vanilla Vata Body Oil rubbed in vigorously!
  •  Remembering that of all 3 body types, your the one who benefits from not having a routine - (routines are what you love)  New foods, new ideas, new friends, change, challenge & variety are your mantra!

Rasasara Skinfoods Ayurvedic Skincare
Kapha Beauty Rituals  / Radiance/ Normal - Oily

Kapha Morning Ritual

Cleansing Compress - fill a basin with warm to hot water & add 5 - 8 drops of the Cleansing Compress Drops - submerge a clean face cloth in the basin & wring out well - compress your face firmly with the cloth, breathe deeply, inhaling the herbaceous smells of the essential oils. Apply pressure to any areas of tension on the face - focus on areas that are prone to blackheads, pimples & congestion or deep lines.

Tone & Hydrate - Mist the entire face with Aromatic Hydrating Mist. If experiencing Kapha congestion or breakouts apply 2 pumps of rasa aloe to the entire face.

Moisturise - In the palm of your hand mix *3 - 4 drops of Kapha Nourishing Oil + *2 sprays of Aromatic Mist into a light cream. Press onto & massage into the face & neck, using upward strokes & gentle circular motions around the cheeks. * Adjust your oil to water ratio with the seasons, your skin will need more oil in the dryer months & more Aromatic Hydrating Mist in the hotter months, as you reconnect with your skins needs you will become more attuned to your bodies needs.

Enjoy - cherish the experience of being gentle & loving. Take a gentle breath & connect deeply with loving kindness for yourself.

Kapha Evening Ritual

Cleansegently wash your face & neck using the Kapha Cleansing Bar, lather into a rich cream either in the shower or over a basin, avoiding the delicate eye area. Pat face dry with a soft towel.

Tone & Hydrate - spray the entire face & neck with Aromatic Mist +2 pumps of rasa aloe gel if skin is aggravated or inflamed.

Moisturise & Revitalise - in the palm of your hand place 2 drops of Chandra Revitalising Oil with 3 drops of Kapha Nourishing Oil + 3 spays of Hydrating Mist ( again adjust to your skins changing needs). Press gently onto the face & gently massage into your skin, using upward strokes & gentle circular motions around the cheeks.

Enjoy cherish the experience of being gentle & loving. Take a gentle breath & connect deeply with loving kindness.

Kapha Weekly Nourishing Mask

Compress follow the compressing ritual provided in the daily morning ritual only this time include the entire décolletage. Compressing is highly beneficial when a Kapha imbalance occurs Eg. black heads, congestion & breakouts.

Mask - detoxifying & antibacterial this mask will yield maximum results when applied after the above nourishing treatment. Take 1- 2 scoops of Pitta Exfoliant/ Mask & mix with 2 tbls of organic milk or cream (enough to make a smooth thick paste). Apply to the entire face using fingers or cosmetic brush. The mask stays active whilst wet/spray mist with Aromatic Mist.

Enjoy - use this time to rest the mind & listen to sounds of nature. Leave for 10 - 20 min & gently remove with tepid water.

Kapha Bi- Weekly Exfoliation

(When Kapha skin is imbalanced exfoliation is recommended to remove dead skin cells & allow Nourishing Oils in).

Exfoliate - Using the scoop provided place 1 scoop of in small bowl & mix with enough water or milk to make a light paste in the palm of your hand, gently massage using circular motions your entire face & under the chin avoiding the cheeks if broken capillaries are present; this can be performed in the * shower or over a basin (utilizing your compressing water to rinse off).* If exfoliating in the shower avoid taking the whole jar into shower as moisture will eventually cause the exfoliant to deteriorate. Towel pat dry.

Kapha Bi - Weekly - body exfoliation

This treatment is highly recommended for Kapha types of any age throughout the colder months & on into early spring when Kapha is at its peak - or any time of the year for anyone suffering from a Kapha imbalance (see Kapha dosha).

Bath - relax in a warm bath to enable the oils & herbs to penetrate deeply into the tissues loosening toxins & allowing them to be released via the GI tract.

Download your Rasasara skin care routine -

Download Vata Skincare Routine
Download Pitta Skincare Routine
Download Kapha Skincare Routine

Out of balance, kapha skintypes are prone to blackheads & congestion under the skin, deep lines, cystic acne, puffy eyes... Unsure of your skin type? Take the Rasasara skin test